Harp Studio Expectations

What To Bring:

The student will bring their notebook, music, metronome, and pencil with a good eraser.

What Is Expected:

Students must have access to a harp for daily practice either by ownership, renting, or through her school. Students must be well prepared for each lesson. Hint: Follow Ms. Ray's instructions in your notebook!

Ms. Ray suggests that Beginners practice 30-45 minutes for six days a week. Intermediate students are expected to gradually increase their daily practice as Ms. Ray directs. Advanced high school students are expected to practice between 2 and 3 hours per day. Advanced students pursuing a musical career are expected to practice 3-5 hours per day. Ms. Ray highly recommends taking one day off a week.

Appropriate Dress:

Training a harpist demands respectful attention to professional qualities in dress, so we begin practicing those every time we meet. When seated, bottoms must be knee length or longer. No tank tops. Blouses must not have sequins or other rough décor that may scratch the wood surface of the harp. Clothing must not interfere with or distract from playing. Jewelry must be minimal - no rings or clunky bracelets - and no nail polish. Fingernails must be kept short.

Pedal Harpists:

Pedal harpists must wear fitted shoes (preferably slender) with a modest heel - no boots, clogs, or flip-flops!

Payment Protocol:

Ms. Ray will accept cash or check. It is preferable for students to pay for each lesson upon arrival; however, should the student/parent opt to pay per month, payment must be submitted at the first lesson of the month.

Lesson Cancellation:

In the event that the student desires to postpone or cancel the lesson, she must do so the day before the appointment to be released from the lesson fee. If the student cancels the lesson the same day that Ms. Ray is expecting her, the lesson fee is required upon the next meeting. "No Shows" are expected to pay the fee upon next meeting or by mail at Ms. Ray's discretion.

Running Late:

In the event that the student is running late, the lesson fee is still required in full. Depending on Ms. Ray's schedule, the length of the lesson may or may not be as initially planned. If both Ms. Ray and the student are able to make up the time that day, it will be done then or in the near future.


If Ms. Ray is asked to travel to the student's home to give a lesson, there will be an added "travel fee", which will be disclosed to the student/parent when the lesson is scheduled. This fee will take gasoline cost and distance into consideration.  

Rachel Ray, Harp of my Heart © 2020 
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